Car Audio

We sell and install anything related to car audio. Whether you need your factory radio replaced or full custom setup with amplifiers, staging and the like, we can handle your request. Come see us to get your car sounding great today.


We sell and install top of the line alarm systems. Start your car from you phone? We can do it. We have basic alarms that will alert you to someone trying to enter your vehicle. We have alarms systems with all the bells and whistles too. And everything in between. Come see us today about your alarm system needs. We have many packages that can fit your needs.

Amplifier Service

We can fix your amplifier. Has your amplifier suddenly stopped working? Bring it to us and we can diagnose and likely repair your favorite amplifier.

Smart Start

Need to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle? We can help you get this done so you can get your vehicle back on the road legally.

HID Lights

Are your headlight dim and barely light up the road right in front your car? HID headlight systems can brighten up the night. Come see us today to make your night driving a dream!